--=FINANCIAL CENTERS=-- One of our flagship services to the community at large are our FINANCIAL CENTERS. These locations are designed to offer residents a one-stop location to serve all their financial needs. They contain ATMs for Liden Exchanges, shopping sites, investments, insurance, credit cards, loans, and more. The costs of operating these sites are entirely absorbed by Infinity Enterpries. We have asked for no money from the various vendors you see on site. While, a few have donated in some way to offset costs, it is not expected nor required. We considers this a service to the community, and are happy to do it.

--=ESCROW SERVICES Division=--
Have you hired someone to develop, script, or build something for you?
Have you been hired by someone to provide a service, or do a build?
We provide Escrow Services to help protect both the client and the developer. The client will transfer the project funds to us to hold in secured Escrow until delivery. We charge a nominal scalable fee depending on project size of between 2-5%. Generally for project under 100K L$ the fee is 5%, and over 100K L$ the fee is 3%. Terms can be setup that the vendor is paid in full upon both parties acknowledging both receipt and satisfaction, or other terms can be setup as well, to provide partial payments are various stages of the process or provide a percentage down.


We realize that many business owners in Second Life, do not have an extensive financial background. As such many companies/organization can use extra help in preparing their financial documents, or wish to regularly audit their records for consistancy, and accuracy. This is where we can help, we'll help you prepare your documents, in an effort to help bolster the transparancy and accoutability of our organization to the public. We can also help prepare your company's prospectus if you are desiring to list your company on one of the exchanges in Second Life. We will charge a nominial fee based on the scope of the work needing to be performed. We can help you with your reporting, so you can concentrate on doing what you do best running your company. We also provide a service of reviewing prospectuses at no fee to you. We'll give you our observations, and opinions on how well layed out the document is and how you can make it better to interest more investors, and provide sufficent details about your business plans. Honestly, we have seen very few exceptional prospectus documents and with decent details, you can help your business get off to a much better start. The free service is only for reviewing documents, we can for a nominal fee, edit and revise your documents.


IBMS provides media streaming services into the SL world. The first aspect of this is audio streaming via SHOUTcast technology. IBMS' main store is in the Highflyer region. SL residents can rent streams via a virtually instant activation method. Streams are offered with a variety of maximum listeners to accomidate many uses and requirements. Our system features a web based control panel, were clients can restart their server, many configurations changes, and submit support tickets. Once the rental box is paid, details are immediately provided in how to access the online control panel, where within a few moments the server is up and running and ready to go.

Specialized video streaming will be offered in the near future. We have partners with Beyond Web as our network and equipment provider. The operate several Tier 1, Class A datacenters and their network is renowed as a powerhouse. No substandard bandwidth providers are used thus ensuring low latency, and tremendous quality. This is a field not new to us by any means, and our provider BWC has been in business for over 10 years.

The Minchau Art Gallery features digital art and RW/SL photography (nature, landscape, architecture) from artists Katak Umaga and Mateo Infinity. Many selections are offered at a very resonable rates, in an effort to provide quality art to all and especially to the average joe. This site is still under construction and more details will be posted once its ready to go.

Need a place up store your company financials so shareholders can download them at their leisure. We can host your Word, Excel, or PDF files (or open office equivelents). We can also host files in a password protected location as well. For example you need to share internal documents, or share a file to boad members prior to a meeting. This service is provided to the SL community for FREE, due to a sponsorship from Beyond Web Creations, LLC. Since INF's inception in 2007, we have been committed to advocating financial transparancy for publicly SL traded companies. Of course, private companies are also more than welcome to use our service too.

Please see our business units tab for detailed information about our subsidiary companies. Including Infinity Management, Midnight Estates, Infinity Entertainment, and Infinity Retail Systems.