Other Grids?

2.2009 - Infinity Enterprises has begun to research other grids for possible expansion. We previously determined in mid-2008 that no grid was ready for us to expand into, for a variety of reasons. However, we have begun to evaluate again, and have determined that now bit be an appropriate time to expand into another grid. We have compiled a Top 3 list we are exploring further and hope to begin the process of expansion by March. A Headquarters location will be built, so over time our various sub-units can be realized in the new world, and keep our operations centeralized and better organized. Initially the Infinity Management arm will be the primary focus as we build a premier commercial sim, and the Midnight Estates brand will also be brought over to provide residential only sims as well.

Twilight's Edge Party Center

1.2009 - The next expansion project for Infinity Entertainment is the construction of the Twilight's Edge Party Center located in the Digix region. The facility is scheduled to open mid-February and additional details can be found on our Business Units page.

Midnight Estates Staff

11.2008 - The sales and rental staff for Midnight Estates is expanded to provide a greater amount of customer/sales service, in light of M.E.'s several expansions both on the mainland, and private islands. We now also have staff covering a variety of time zones, and located in different places of the RL world, to provide decent coverage for all service needs.

Midnight Estates Dream Finally Realized

10.2008 - Infinity Enterprises CEO Mateo Infinity's dream for Midnight Estates has finally become a reality with the purchase of 3 estate sims. 1 Standard Sim Twilight Oasis, and two OpenSpace Sims Purple Sunset, and Himmel. In less than 2 weeks Twilight Oasis was already almost completely leased out. Plans for 2-3 additional sims are in the works, however, unlike some of the estate owners that have come and gone we will be careful to not over stretch ourselves. Many have expanded too fast, and could not sustain expenses and their estates collapses. We will continue to monitor trends, and ensure we don't have a large exceed of stock, while still outpacing growth to ensure availabilities.

Entertainment Division of Infinity Enterprises Begins

9.2008 - The entertainment side of Infinity Enterprises is launched with the purchase of 14,816sqm of land in the Digix Region. The site which will be managed by Infinity Management, and the Digix Gaming Center and Arcade is born. DGC offers great games from some of SL's top game developers, games such as Zyngo, Hokus Pokus, Shrooms, Quince, Scratch-It, to just name a few featured on site. DGC also offers a reward based system for SL residents who place a DGC Pick in their profile.

Infinity Retail Systems Launches 1st Store

8.2008 - The first of a variety of reseller based retail stores is launched in the Strigou Region. These stores are "theme" based on perticular product lines such as tech gadgets, clothing, housewares, etc. The first store to lauch is the Strigou Technology and Gadgets store under Infinity Enterprises new subsidiary Infinity Retail Systems.

Infinity 'n Beyond Media Solutions

6.2008 - After a general re-focus of Infinity Enterprises, several new projects have been in the works over the past few months. The first of these is Infinity 'n Beyond Media Solutions. IBMS provides media streaming services into the SL world. The first aspect of this is audio streaming via SHOUTcast technology. IBMS main store was launched in the Highflyer region. SL residents can rent streams via a virtually instant activation method. Streams are offered with a variety of maximum listeners to accomidate many uses and requirements. Our system features a web based control panel, were clients can restart their server, many configurations changes, and submit support tickets. Specialized video streaming will be offered in the near future. We have partners with Beyond Web as our network and equipment provider. The operate several Tier 1, Class A datacenters and their network is renowed as a powerhouse.

Financial Centers 1 & 5 Close

2.2008 - In light of the banking ban Linden Labs imposed on the SL world, many of our vendors had to cease operations, or at least redirect their focus. Many of our vendors were operating under an affiliate agreement, whereas we would receive commissions for new customers, or terminal usage. This provided an additional revenue stream and helped pay for the operations of these centers. Therefore, the decision was made to close our original site in Vacit as it was the smallest, and the Torvan site. These two sites will be redeveloped into a new project in a few months.

Financial Center 2 Sold

12.2007 - A special project that we invested in that also exists in the Scylla region, is growing fast. To help facilitate the growth of this project, the Scylla center was closed and land transferred to this project to help meet those objectives.

Financial Center 6 Opens

11.2007 - Our largest financial center property yet. While each one of our existing centers have a few common vendors, they each have several unique vendors as well. This is primarily due to size and prim constraints. As such we have opened a 2,048sqm facility to be able to house a large amount of terminals. Thus, allowing us the ability to really fulfill our goal of providing a one-stop shop for all finance related needs.

Midnight Estates - Sino Towers Open

10.2007 - After acquiring a failed development project, Infinity Enterprises completes the development and landscaping for two towers named the Sino Towers in the Iwaki Region. This oriental themed area provides beauty and a blissful peacefulness to call home. The apartments start at just 145L/ per week. Budget does not mean cheap. Visit them today, link available from our locations page.

New Infinity Management Office Opens

09.2007 - The Infinity Offices in the Squirrel Tower in Beachwood are converted into the corporate office for Infinity Enterpries. The Infinity Management Main Offices are now moved to a newly acquired parcel in the new sim Sentry, which was just launched a week ago. You can visit the new offices via a link on our locations page.

Financial Centers 4 & 5 Open

09.2007 - The Financial Centers @ Siliconicus and Tvoran are opened to the public and equipment installed. These centers continue in the new design launched with the 2nd & 3rd Sites.

Property Acquired for Minchau Art Gallery

09.2007 - Property has been acquired and construction has begun on the Minchau Art Gallery. It will feature works from Katak Umaga's RL protofolio of digital art, photography, and sketches. Also featured will be the nature, and arcitectural photography works of Infinity's CEO Mateo Infinity. An announcement will be posted once the site is open.

Financial Centers 2 & 3 Open

09.2007 - Having sucessfully completed testing and experiments at the prototype location in Vacit, and new fresh design is launched with the Financial Centers @ Scylla and Ello. This design is pleasing, larger, and features additional amenities.

Financial Center @ Vacit Open

08.2007 - Our prototype first location for the Financial Centers portfolio is launched. The site is basic yet complete with a nice variety of services and amenities. The site is already picking up a lot of notice, and we are sure this brand will do well across the grid.

Infinity Management/Enterprises Joint Office Opened

08.2007 - Our first office and headquarters is opened in Suite 1a, of the Squirrel Towers, and the beautiful Beachwood region. This region is called the Beachwood Office Park and Resort, and features the Squirrel Towers Office Building, shops, cafe, beaches, and more. We are very excited to fing this location and call it home. We look forward to a long tenture here. Let the adventure begin, we are now open for business.