It can be difficult to describe our organization is a few simple works as we are involved in a variety of projects, companies, co-ops, and joint ventures. We encourage you to take a look at the various pages on this site to provide you with a better scope of our involvement and what we do. The About Us page is also a good source to understand our background and the journey we are embarked upon.

We are always looking for new projects or initiatives to get involved in. However, we will state up front we are not a venture capital company, and are not seeking proposals for project or business investments. However, if you are looking for someone to review a prospectus, or proposal we'd love to take a look at it and provide our insight, and will do so for no fee. We can take it a step further however, for a nominal fee to help you write, or rewrite your document. Disclaimer: INF is a non-registered business operating inside the virtual entertainment world of Second Life.


Below highlights a few of our key service offerings:

Click the services tab for a more detailed and complete listing of our services offerings.


We are always looking to find new and innovative projects to endevour in.

Currently we are again exploring the possibility of expanding our operations into another grid. In early and mid-2008 we determined the timing was not right for us however, we are exploring 3 canidate grids, as the time looks more favorable now.


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