These units are operated as wholely owned subsidary companies. As such they are effectively operated as seperate companies, with most units also having seperated financial books.


Infinity Management is a real estate brokerage, escrow, property/facilities and event management company. Infinity Management is a wholly owned subsidiery of Infinity Enterprises. Below is a listing and description of our various divisions. Infinity Management's Main Office is located in Sentry.

--=Property/Facilities Management Division=-- (Our Core Div.)
Do you have land not doing anything or a building you wish to rent/lease out but don't have the time to personally manage it?
Infinity can help you manage your resources generating you revenue without having to deal with all the time and energy necessary to sucessfully manage the property or building. We can take care of maintenance, collecting payments, customer service, buildouts, ensuring tenants are in the land group, etc. We can also provide the full rental system, and you will receive detailed weekly or bi-monthly reports depending on what you want. We are also partnered with several brillant landscapers, and interior designers in SL.

--=Real Estate Division=--
Infinity Management is also in the business of Real Estate brokerage. We facilitate the buying and selling of parcels, by working with a variety of reputable Real Estate organizations. As such what ever you are looking for we can find and procur it for you. Both Residential and Commercial properties are available. We do on occassion sell property ourselves as well.

--=Escrow Services Division=--
Are you looking to host a special event? Infinity can help you procure a location, and setup of your space. This is a highly customized division so please contact a staff member to discuss your needs. Please see the services tab above for further details.


Quality, Beautiful, Apartments and Condos that anyone can afford. Midnight Estates is develops properties that are economical yet, appealing to call home. Budget doesn't have to mean "cheap looking". We also own several standard and openspace sims, to accomidate a wide variety of residential land needs. Many of the sims offer public spaces open to all area residents and guests to enjoy a variety of gardens and recreational areas.

Most of our properties that exist and are in development are designed to fit inside of premium resident's weekly stipend, and still have some left over. Of course you do not need to be a premium resident to rent.

Search for "Midnight Estates" in the Places tab to see any of our operated properties. Midnight Estates is owned by Infinity Enterprises, however is managed/operated by Infinity Management. Feel free to drop by our offices for a complete listing of properties or to chat with one of our staff members.

Midnight Estates got its start from Infinity Enterprises buying out the failed Midnight Towers aka Sino Towers in the Iwaki region. Upon purchase we finished the site development and landscaping and got the locations open and ready to lease. These towers are setup as apartments on beautiful, peaceful properties. In the future we are seeking to develop additional properties including more apartments, skyboxes, home rentals, resorts, and more. Midnight Estates is fully managed by Infinity Management.


Infinity Entertainment is the newest addition to the Infinity Enterprises Family of Companies. As the name infers this is the entertainment and amusements arm of our company. At this time INF_Entertainment is a wholly owned subsidiary of Infinity Enterprises and is operated and staffed by Infinity Management. INF_ent is located on the 2nd Floor of the Infinity Management Main Office in Digix.

Infinity Entertainment is still in its a young company, with much planning currently underway. Or first and flagship project is...

The DGC is a state of the art, up to date gaming center that offers skill games for entertainment from some of SL's top developers. Minimum daily pots, and game play from free to up to 20L per play. Located in no other than the Digix region.

DGC offers several camping chairs to earn free Lindens as well as sports a reward system for placing the location in your "Picks". In addition there are scheduled contents, and occasional special weekend promotions, and events.

We have over 60 games including 20+ Zyngo / Zyngo Wyld! 3.x machines, plus Hokus Pokus, Shrooms 3.0, SpaceBase, Quince, Quartz, Synzgy, Scratch-It! 2.0, Mindspin, Gem Sorter, DmC Devil may Care, Pipz, BlackJack, and more. We periodically add and remove games based on demand, and experimenting.

Twilight's Edge is a party facility built as a modern club format, with a space "twilight" theme also located in the Digix Region. This facility is available to the public rental for all your event needs. We can provide a variety of decor customization depending on the type of event, and even include some temporary signage inside the facility as part of the event package. We can also help design invitation material for a nominal fee. We offer a wide variety of packages, from the basic facility only package, to more robost packages including DJ, event materials, facility decoration, and other staff on site, such as dancers, bartender, greeters, security, etc.


Infinity Retails Systems is a network of retails stores in which we have setup an array of "themed" stores, to resell products of a vast variety of SL content creators. The first retail store under this umbrella is the Strigou Technology and Gadgets Store. Additional stores will soon be following covering other markets such as clothing, apparel, and accessories, as well as furniture and housewares. We will also in time operate more than one store of each category to provide additional selling opportunities and increased brand awareness. Each category of store will have it's own unique relavent brand encompassing the content it will contain.