It can be difficult to describe our organization is a few simple words as we are involved in a variety of projects, companies, co-ops, and joint ventures. We are always looking for new projects or initiatives to get involved in. However, we will state up front we are not a venture capital company, and are not seeking proposals for projects or business investments. However, if you are looking for someone to review a prospectus, or proposal we'd love to take a look at it and provide our insight, and will do so for no fee. We can take it a step further however, for a nominal fee to help you write, or rewrite your document.

Now down to busines why are we here? One of our CEO's core reasons for operating in Second Life to do something different, and enjoy the things he loves. In RL our CEO operates a nice size Internet Services Company. Technology and computers especially are a major part of his everyday life, and Second Life affords the ability to explore new things, and enjoy other interests, and passions. Since coming to Second Life® Mateo (Matthew Moyer) has taken great interest in the financial sector in this virtual world. Besides the electronics degree and numerous computer / internet related industry certifications he maintains he has a strong background in business management and finance, of which he possesses degrees in both. He perticularly maintains interests in these areas in the non-profit sector in RL. In coming to SL he has noticed a lot of room for improvement in the financial industry. Which leads us to the second core reason for doing business in SL. Mateo has a strong desire to see stability and integrity in the financial industry / secto rand business in general in SL. He has and will continue to raise awareness about the financial industry to residents in SL, as well as advocate transparancy, proper accounting and reports, integrity and honesty in this realm. While there is absolutely no current means to remove all risk in the financial industry in SL, there are measures that can be taken to reduce those risks both as a in world business owner, and as a resident.

In addition as you will see from our Services and Business Units Pages, the Infinity Enterprises Family offers a variety of services to residents of Second Life.

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Disclaimer: Infinity Enterprises, Corp. and its family of companies are non-registered businesses operating inside the virtual entertainment world of Second Life®. The InSL logo is used under license from Linden Research, Inc. Both the Second Life® and Linden Labs™ trademarks are the property of Linden Research, Inc. Stock holdings of Infinity Enterprises are controlled specifically by INF, and not personally held by the CEO.